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  1. Teresa Docherty - Reply

    Hi. I have been checking both our ancestry records and have found a link of Garwoods and Pipe surname starting from about 1847. I am very impressed with your website, especially as I can use a lot of the information as it is also my family history as well. Amazing!

    • Michael Otterson - Reply

      Thanks, Teresa. These lines are some of the most interesting on my tree, and possibly on yours, too. Check out William Dowsing’s page as well – you’ll find him on The People index. Good hunting.

  2. Michael Otterson - Reply

    Added: The extraordinary life of William Dowsing, the English Civil War Puritan who waged war on Catholic imagery in churches throughout the county of Suffolk.

    • Michael R Otterson - Reply

      Thanks, Donna. The Berrys have at least a 200-year history in Liverpool and could go back much further. Let’s hope we can find some more clues as to whether they originally came from England or Ireland.

  3. Jacqueline Neal - Reply

    My father Neville David McAlary, an Australian fighting for GB in the RAF followed almost exactly the route of your father. Tobruk, Benghazi, Campo 57 in Italy, Stalag IVB after being shot down in the desert south of Benghazi.
    At the end of the war he walked towards the West with the Russians close behind. Americans held the Russians off while he swam the river towards freedom. Also flown out of Halle to England and finally repatriated to Australia. He also wrote very involved diaries from the time of leaving Australia until capture. The family has great memorabilia of his from that time.
    He died Nov 1999 aged 82.
    Thanks for the incredible read. Your Dad is someone to be very proud of.

    • Michael Otterson - Reply

      Thanks for this, Jacqueline. I wish I had known your Dad and had a chance to talk to him – especially since we lived in Australia from 1979 until 1991. It’s quite possible that your Dad and mine even knew each other. I hope you publish his memorabilia. The major reason for creating this site is to make sure these stories don’t die with them. It was a real thrill to read your response!

  4. William - Reply

    My great grandmother was born an Otterson. It is a honor to be connected to this family by her.

  5. Alyssa - Reply

    A treasure trove, and beautifully assembled. What a gift to have all this history at our fingertips.

  6. Mark - Reply

    What a fantastic site! The amount of research, work and care that has gone into putting this together is amazing. I can see that you have a deep love for your family history! Thank you.

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